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Xerox Phaser 6022 on Gentoo Linux with CUPS

So, my Dell 1350cnw printer got jammed up pretty good, and I didn't want to bother repairing it.

While it has been a great printer, it has been becoming less reliable. And, finding toner for it was getting to be a bit more difficult. (Although has been great.)

So, I decided to retire it after close to 10 years of use, and set out to get a replacement and settled on the Xerox Phaser 6022. It had the same features plus IPv6 and wireless support. And, I got it on sale for $90 from Staple's.

First, download the driver for the Xerox Phaser 6022 in DEB format. We'll save this to a temporary folder called temp-printer-driver because it won't make a folder for us to keep things tidy.

Once you have it, do the following on the command line:

$ cd temp-printer-driver
$ unzip
$ ar x xerox-phaser-6022_1.0-22_all.deb
$ tar xf data.tar.gz
$ gunzip usr/share/cups/model/Xerox/Xerox_Phaser_6022.ppd.gz

Now, head to the CUPS admin interface and add a printer. You can use IPP to communicate with the printer. Whether you use IPv6, IPv4, or the printer's hostname, just tack /ipp to the end.

On the next screen or so, you'll have the option to upload the PPD file. So, browse to the location (temp-printer-driver/usr/share/cups/model/Xerox/Xerox_Phaser_6022.ppd).

Continue on, and profit.

Interestingly, besides the shell, everything about the 6022 looks nearly identical to the 1350cnw…even the toner cartridges. I wonder….